Binary options for beginners to professionals

Binary options trading is available for all levels of traders. No matter how much history you have in trading stock or knowledge you have of the market. Picture this.. A platform where you can equally profit from stock / commodity / currency going up or down in price. Where the price change difference of an asset does in not in any way affect your profit that you can earn. Where a investment can lead to a 70% or even up to a 89% profit. Choose from the brokers below or download our ebook to get started with binary options now!

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Binary Options

The first question asked by most people entering into the area of Binary options, is is this real, can i earn money? The answer is most deffinitly yes!. Binary is another way of trading on the markets, and a good bonus to binary options, is that all your profits are tax free. If you are not sure how Binary trading works, then have a look through our site to learn and understand more about how this type of  trading works and you will find that you can be earning a daily tax free profit

Binary trading is considered equal to fixed odd trading. In binary options trading you will know what your profit is before hand, and this is due to the fact that the market cannot rise over 100 or fall below 0. Binary online trading is fast paced, Yes or no – Call or Put – Up or Down trades that allow you to trade on the performance of the financial market over a specific amount of time. This kind of trading is ideal for all short term traders and new comers to binary as it offers you quick and easy ways to trade on the market and give you quick payouts if your market prediction is in the money. Due to the fact that Binary options trading is easy to understand this is making it the best option for beginners!!


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How Options Trading Works

With binary options trading for example you can trade on the price of oil going up or down in a given time period or you can choose any individual stock going up down within a certain time. Binary options trading gives the trader the opportunity to trade by researching and leveraging information and opportunities. While you are choosing your trade, your profit and risk will already be determined for you even before you enter the true trade. These are known as fixed values which make binary trading one of the most transparent forms of trading.

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Binary Options Trading Markets

The type of binary trading markets that are offered to traders within the binary options brokers platform consists of Stock indexes, larger and more volatile shares, foreign exchanges and some commodities. The Binary options market ranges will also depend on which broker you are using to place your bets, as you will find that some brokers will only offer you a limited range of Binary services.

top traded stocks

Due to the fact that binary trades are quick, volatile, and easy to understand these factors now have the binary online trading taking the trading world by storm. The most commonly asked question for binary trading is how can you make a profit with them, and what strategies are available in understanding the markets? Well here are a few pointers that will help you along:

  •  In any trading situation, you must remember that you have to accept any type of risk involved in making a profitable reward.
  •  As well as having a good possibility of your trade working, the best trades to get involved in are those with a combination of a high and low reward.
  •  It is sometimes hard to find these types of trades, but we will do our best to help you find the best strategies to binary options trading that will have you in a tax free profit today.

Trading options Against a Very Sharp Market

This basic binary options trading strategy is very simple to learn, you must look for very sharp moves (higher and lower) on the current market news and you must bet that the initial move will reverse. This strategy is best for indexes such as the FTSE 100 or the American Nasdaq, due to the fact that they have a habit of making quick and sudden sharp moves. For example:

You hear on the news that the FTSE 100 index will rise higher, but the high price does not hold and the market suddenly moves downwards. So if you bet on the FTSE dropping then you would have made the right bet.

Useful Trading Tips

  1. Firstly make sure you have a good understanding of trading before you jump into it. This is the best advice anyone can have when entering into any type of trading  situation
  2. Look for those days in the market when big figures are due, such as the US unemployment figures, which come out on the 1st Friday of every month at 1:30pm UK time.
  3. Don’t try to analyze the news all the time, just try trading when the market makes sudden moves in either direction (up or down).
  4. If the FTSE should suddenly jump 30 points in 4 seconds, then you should bet that the FTSE will drop down. This would have you betting that the FTSE could drop to 20 or even 10 making this bet a small risk, with a higher profit.
  5. Remember that you do have the option to sell out your bet before the expiry time. You can even take out half of your initial bet to give you a tax free profit and leaving the remaining portion to ride out the time period.
  6. Remember to be patient and to pick your bets wisely.

The main reminder for anyone involved in Binary trading is to always start out with small position sizes first (small bets), as binary options moves quickly and can change by the second. Remember to always look for sharp moves in the market (higher/lower) giving you the option to place a bet in the opposite direction. Binary trade also takes a lot of questions and guesswork out of the risk aspect of trading. The risk and rewards are laid out for you at the time of your contract giving you less worry over random acts in the market and hurting your investment.

There are still some risks in binary options which you must understand in order for you to be successful, but these risks are more apparent and are more black and white than with traditional trading in which risk is assessed by a margin. A positive or negative to this, is that the payout is set when the contract is done. No matter how many ticks your bet ends up in the money, your payout will remain the same, which is good if the trade only goes 1 tick in the money, but could be considered a rip off if the trade ends up higher above your initial bet as your payout will be the same as that for only 1 tick in the money. Just remember that with binary options trading your profits can be quick and are tax free, so this type of trading is best for anyone entering the market for the first time.

If your  trading options reaches its expiration time with a gain for you, then you would receive a pre determined payout. Most newcomers think that if their binary trade reaches its expiration time below margin, then you would receive nothing, but this is not always accurate. Some  brokers and their platforms will offer to pay you a small portion even if your option does not close in a gain position.

Binary trading also requires you to have a broker who has the ability to predict the markets that they trade in. This is not true for traditional options where many unforeseen events can affect their prices. Binary options trading on the other hand is very straight forward as this type of trading has you understanding the market you trade in can be very beneficial to you. Also with binary  you can more accurately judge whether trends will be going up or down or whether certain economical events will likely happen for you or against you and your chosen bet.

The cost to making a trade depends on your broker, your contract and platform. Some binary  contracts are so short (the time period of your chosen contract) that you can go through several contracts in one trading day. Other contracts last as long as a full quarter and therefore they have a higher cost associated with that contract. Just remember that the type of contract you should choose depends solely on each persons trading style.


So even though trading binary options is considered a famous all or nothing type of market, this may not be entirely true. If you are looking for a way to trade in the market with a type of trading that offers you a bit more simplicity then you will definitely find this with trading binary options and the options that it offers you. Look for platforms in binary  online that offers you payout percentages to hedge some possible losses then you will find yourself ahead of the game much quicker. Make sure you choose the right broker for you, choose a contract with a time period that best suits you, and most of all start your binary options trading with small bets to start until you get the hang of how these trades work. Binary options is easy to do so watch the market news and do fake bets on paper and see how you would have done before you put any physical cash down in the market place. Like gambling at a casino, the market can be an exciting place for new comers, but like at a casino if you find your bets are not working for you on a particular day, then walk away and try again later.

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